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Terms and conditions of use and sale


According to the provisions of Article 13 and Article 27 of the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of RS, No. 62/2014), NIKKU DOO hereby informs its valued customers who purchase goods from the online store  at www.nikku.rs that:


  • the sale of goods through www.nikku.rs is carried out under the registered business activity of NIKKU DOO;

  • the basic characteristics of the goods can be found online at  www.nikku.rs;

  • in accordance to the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of RS, No. 62/2014) purchases made viawww.nikku.rs shall be considered remote sales;

  • the goods sold through www.nikku.rs possess the qualities required for the regular, intended use of those types of goods in the manner set out in the declaration;

  • the selling price is specified for each item;

  • all prices stated include VAT;

  • the delivery service for goods is free of charge for the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia;

  • we shall deliver the purchased goods within 48 hours after purchase via Post Express courier service, in the manner set out on the DELIVERY TERMS page;

  • the purchase of goods with special benefits in terms of prices and/or special sales incentives (promotional sales) is carried out in compliance with the terms and conditions published on www.nikku.rs;

  • the customer can pay for goods purchased through www.nikku.rs using cash at the time of delivery, payment cards visibly marked as acceptable at the time of purchase via the website or by issuing a bank/post order;

  • at the time the order is created, by pressing the CONFIRM button, the customer  assumes the obligation to pay for the goods ordered;

  • the conformity of the goods under contract shall be solely determined based on the characteristics and intended use of the goods as set out in the relevant declaration;

  • the website www.nikku.rs is obliged to deliver the goods that comply with the contract, and if the delivered goods are not compliant with the contract, the customer who informed Nikku of the non-compliance shall be entitled to demand from Nikku the removal of such non-compliance, without any compensation, either by repair or replacement, or to demand a price reduction or to terminate the contract for those goods. All costs necessary for the goods to be brought to compliance with the contract, and in particular the costs of work, materials, takeover and delivery, shall be borne by the website www.nikku.rs;

  • after receiving the goods, should the customer wish to replace an item for another item, which may be of the same, higher or lower price than the one previously ordered, the customer may do so within 14 days in the manner set out on the REPLACEMENT page;

  • after receiving the goods, the customer does not wish to retain them, they are entitled to cancel the contract and to be refunded the amount of the paid purchase price for the goods in question, within 14 days in the manner set out on the RIGHT TO CANCEL page;

  • for the goods ordered through the online store, the customer has the right to complain if the product has already been used, in accordance to the law on goods purchased through online stores. The procedure for submitting a complaint can be found on the COMPLAINTS page.

NIKKU DOO reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice to customers. When ordering a product, we encourage the customer to check the valid terms and conditions.

Best regards,