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Complaints about Data or the Wrong Type of Goods

If you receive a package and, upon opening the box, find that the goods delivered do not match the goods ordered or the account details are not correct please call us on 064/1009-177  or send us an e-mail describing the problem along with your information (name, surname, telephone) to the e-mail address:  no later than 24 hours from the receipt of the package. Otherwise, you can download the complaint form from the link at the end of this text, fill out all the sections and send it with the goods to our address. We will promptly respond to your complaint submitted electronically (e-mail) by confirming receipt of the complaint, i.e. informing you of the number under which your complaint is filed in the records of received complaints, and any further actions on our part. The deadline for responding to a complaint is 8 days and the deadline for the resolution of a complaint is 15 days from the filing of a complaint.

Download the Complaint Form HERE.

Complaints about Goods Damaged  During Transport

It is very important that you immediately report any visible damage to the package to the courier who delivered the goods to you. The customer is obliged to report any damage that occurred during transport within 24 hours of the receipt of the goods.

If you notice any such damage, please do not sign the delivery receipt but rather ask the courier to wait until you have checked whether the damage to the packaging has caused any damage to the product itself. If the product is not damaged and all the pieces are accounted for, you can sign the delivery receipt.